Peanut dryer

Product feature
1、Qiufeng series grain dryer can be completed with different heat supplying device (Coal furnace, Rice husk furnace, Natural gas furnace, Steam heat exchanger, Conducting oil furnace and oil-burning furnace, etc) according to the heat resources from customer.
2、The dryer is designed with mixed flow drying principle, resulting in high heating efficiency, low energy consumption and large capacity. By mixed flow and low temperature drying, moisture is reduced slowly and evenly, thus damaging by heating is minimized. The grain is kept in good quality after drying with least cracking.
3、There are a lot of ventilation boxes(angle box) inside the dryer, the design of ventilation boxes are variable section structure for even hot air flow. The material contacts hot air flow evenly. the material moves in an “s” shape while passing through ventilation boxes, ensuring even moisture content after drying。
4、The grain discharge device of the dryer is slide valve which gives no damage to the material. The discharge speed can be adjusted steplessly according the requirement on the capacity and drying rate to control the drying speed effectively, so that the dried products are of high quality, whatever the seeds or commercial grains of al kinds.
5、Anti-corrosive material (hot galvanized plate, stainless steel) has the features of stainless, abrasive resistant, anti-corrosive with nice appearance, and long life.
6、The machine is made by CNC pressing and bending, connected by steel rivet with high precision, good strength, interchangeable, standardize production and modular assemble.
7、Dust collecting system (cyclone dust collector, pulse dust collector and settlement spray) can be collocated according to the process requirement, which can meet the environment protection requirement。
8、The whole machine can be installed outdoor, which reduce the investment cost.
9、capacity : 100t-1000t/d, water removal: 5%-25%.



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